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Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings

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  You are welcome to walk-in. 
During our busy hours, there might be a waiting line at QXY Dumplings.

OR    You can start lining up here! Right now!
Use your phone or laptop to line up for QXY Dumplings, while you are at home, at work, or at shopping. NoWait can help you to line up anytime, anywhere!


  What is NoWait?
Everyone might feel like wasting his or her precious time while he or she waits at the restaurants. This is how Nowait kicks in. By registering on with your name and phone number, you will free yourself from waiting at physical locations. Go hang out! Go fool around! You will receive text messages to tell you whenever you are ready to be seated. No more waiting in line!

  How Does NoWait Work?


We no longer take any more reservations, If you already made one we will still take care of you

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PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT accept reservations on the phone as well. Please DO NOT call. Thank you.